Specialist Products

Integral Blinds

image19-newT&I have been appointed a distributor by Pellini S.p.A. of Italy of their Screenline integral blind system. Screenline is a system of blinds, which can be assembled and permanently sealed within a double or triple glazed unit cavity. Once sealed in this totally dust free environment, the blinds always appear new and require no cleaning unlike external blinds. This is an important feature if the blinds are to be installed in a situation where Hygiene and privacy are pre-requisites. The concern generated by the ‘superbug’ MRSA and associated bacteria is overcome by this method of encapsulating the blinds within the DG unit cavity, there by maintaining a safe environment. The Screenline system also leads to improved U-Values as well as improved solar control and reduced heat gain. Screenline blind units are conventionally installed and once installed are maintenance free.

Screenline have developed a fundamental new magnetic concept as the basis of their operating system. The raise/lower and tilt/turn systems can be operated manually by cord, electronically by an external motor or by an internal electric motor contained within the head- rail. The range of metallised and material fabrics and the colours of the non- fogging slats improve the products in terms of their chromatic and aesthetic appearance making Screenline unique and exclusive. This will ensure that T&I sealed units fitted with Screenline internal blinds will still comply with the transparency of the glass in compliance of regulations in BS EN 1279.

Screenline offers three integral blind systems for you to choose from:

  • The SL20C-22C system can be manufactured as Venetian and Pleated blinds in a choice of colours (see attached PDF).
  • The SL20F-22F Touch system can be manufactured as Venetian and Pleated blinds in a choice of colours (see attached PDF).
  • The SL20S-22S pleated system is available in a choice of colours (see attached PDF)


  • Long life; Clean for life
  • Maintenance Free
  • Improved U-Values
  • Excellent light and solar control characteristics
  • Choice of slat colour
  • Manually, Electronically and Touch system activations.
  • Warm Edge spacer bar standard for 22mm Cavity Blind.

Download our U_Size PDF here.

Download our Venetian no price PDF here.


BIOCLEAN: Self-Cleaning Glass

BIOCLEANIn order to make the Glass Self-Cleaning it is coated in transparent layer of photocatalytic and hydrophilic mineral material, this is done during the manufacturing of the Glass. Are you now asking yourself how does the self-cleaning process work? Well it is a two-step process. The first step is that the self-cleaning glass uses the suns UV Light to start to break down the dirt that has accumulated on the Unit and then the rain (or any form of water) washes it away, the second step.

Standard BIOCLEAN and BIOCLEAN SOLAR UNITS are highly recommended for use in: difficult to reach places, buildings with three or more floors, office and factory buildings and Hotels.

The Benefits of BIOCLEAN:

  • Less frequent and much easier cleaning
  • Helps to clean those hard to reach places
  • The cost of cleaning the windows is reduced with the less frequent use of detergents helping to protect the environment.
  • Works continually, even through the night and in the shade.
  • Glass dried much quicker
  • Neutrality and transparency are the same as normal glass.
  • Clear vision through the Unit even when it is raining

This type of Glass is not completely maintenance free however it does have many productive benefits.

 Download our Bioclean: Self Cleaning Glass PDF here.



The BIOCLEAN and SOLAR CONTROL Units are available in four different coloured glasses: Aqua, Azura, Natura and Solara.


  • The glass stays cleaner for longer, resulting in less frequent and easier cleaning.
  • Continuing savings with lower air conditioning, heating and cleaning bills.
  • The Unit blocks the suns UV rays from 87% and above ultimately extending the life of your furniture from the bleaching affect caused by direct sunlight.
  • Reduced Condensation
  • Naturally Self-Cleaning
  • U-Value of 1.0W/M2K

­Any of these combinations; Aqua, Azura, Natura & Solara on the outer pane combined with PLANTIHERM 4S on the inner pane, allow you to achieve the best possible benefits from the Units. 

 Download our SGG Conservatory Brochure PDF here.


PLANITHERM 4S: Solar Control Glass

The main advantage to PLANITHERM 4S is that is adaptable to all four seasons, keeping you warm in the cooler months and cool in the warmer months. This Glass provides you with year round comfort.

The Benefits of PLANITHERM 4S in the SUMMER(Horizontal Glazing):

  • Heat Reflection of 71%
  • Glare Reduction
  • Self-Cleaning for hard to reach areas

The Benefits of PLANITHERM 4S in the WINTER (Horizontal Glazing):

  • U-Value of 1.0W/M2K
  • Less Heat Loss in comparison to a standard DGU by 63%
  • Saving you money on heating bills
  • Cold Spots and Drafts reduced
  • Reduced Condensation

The Benefits of PLANTHERM 4S for Vertical Glazing:

  • Heat Reflection of 57%
  • Attractive neutral appearance

 Download our Planitherm 4s PDF here.

Download our Planithermtotal PDF here.


Acoustic Glasses

SGG Stadip silence is an acoustic laminated safety glass, consisting of two or more sheets of glass bonded together using one or more acoustic PVB interlayers known specifically as PVB Silence. This produces a glass with significantly acoustic attenuation performance with the same safety properties of Laminated Glass.

It can be used as single glazed in acoustic partitions. In DG form it is beneficial in a number of applications. Glazed facades on commercial or residential buildings located in noisy areas, close to main roads and motorways, railways or airports. Overhead glazing and roof lights performance.

Using a PVB Silence interlayer in either 0.38mm or 0.76mm thick has the effect of enhancing the fall in acoustic insulation performance at the critical frequency of the glass in both single and Double Glazing. This is attributed to the enhanced sound dampening properties of the PVB Silence interlayer. The acoustic performance is identical to that of acoustic cast resin. It’s optical and safety performance is far superior however, equalling that of Laminated Glasses.

Acoustic Performance

For the same thickness of glass Stadip Silence achieves an average increase in Rw of between 2 and 5 dB in comparison to monolithic or conventional Laminated Glass. SGG Stadip Silence 8.4mm or 8.8mm glass offers the same level of acoustic attenuation (Rw=37dB) as 19mm monolithic glass. Acoustic insulation values for PVB Silence are on average 3dB higher than for conventional PVB. This difference can be as high as 10dB at the critical frequency SGG Silence glass must be installed in accordance with the current national regulations and our guidelines.

It is essential to take into account that the framing and glazing method used are of equal importance as the glass. Any air gaps significantly reduce the overall acoustic insulating performance of the window make-up. SGG Silence also provides good protection against ultra-violet light radiation by eliminating up to 99% between 320 and 380 nanometres.

SGG Silence comprises clear float as standard. It can also be made from extra clear Low-Iron Glass or Solar Control Glasses, from enhanced Thermally Insulating Glasses such as Planitherm or Planitherm 1 as well as Toughened Glass.