RECYCLEHow to save money and expensive energy by using the correct types of glass.

Here at T & I we are committed to waste recycling and to energy efficiency.

All of our off cuts of glass are recycled and as is any toughened glass that may be rejected for any reason

When document L was first implemented we committed our selves to offering the lowest possible U values that we could supply. To this end we installed a new cutting line with automatic edge deletion so that we could offer the very best ‘ U ‘ values that are available. At the present time ‘U’ values of 1.8W/m2K are acceptable and when compared with a standard sealed unit i.e. both glasses are float the improvement in energy efficiency was very substantial i.e. 62%.

We can give you a ‘U’ value of 1.1W/m2K this is a further improvement of 61% compared to 1.8. You can see how the building regulations have improved the energy efficiency of windows when you compare today ‘U’ value with that of a single pane of glass i.e. 5.8W/m2K.

With the use of Low –E Glass the whole room can be used in winter as cold spots around the windows disappear and the thermostat can be turned down so saving money on energy that previously went out of the window. The saving of energy costs in the future will be substantial as we all see the price of gas and electricity rise because of dwindling supplies and the high cost of Oil.

Another way of saving Energy and so money is where necessary i.e. Conservatories or south facing windows, consideration of the use of solar control glasses. With our Charisma solar control units the solar factor is 0.40 and the solar radiant heat factor is 31%. This means that in an average conservatory on a hot day the temperature will be reduced by between 10 & 15 degrees Celsius. These solar control low E units are perfect for both domestic and commercial buildings. This type of unit will drastically reduce the amount of energy used.

We all have to do what we can to save the environment for future generations and of course that will have a cost implication but with our Low-E units and our Solar control units it will not belong before you have recouped your investment and are banking the savings.